Blue Light Glasses

All our blue light lenses are edged and approved by certified optical research laboratory to create a precise precision in our glasses.

Ultraviolet Protection

Our bluelight lenses do not stop at blocking digital bluelight. We also upgrade them so they also block UVA and UVB light from the sun.

Scratch-Resistant coating

Our bluelight glasses coating helps you to keep your glasses scratch-resistant. (So you can kiss your cat without worrying about your glasses)

Smarter Choice

We compromised with our price, but never with our product quality. (We have the most affordable premium grade prescription bluelight glasses in Malaysia.)

Why Blue Light Glasses?

Here are some benefits of wearing bluelight glasses:

Reduce Dry Eyes & Eye Strain 

Improve Mental Focus & Concentration.

Improve Sleep Pattern &  Quality at night

Our Favorite Collections

We have prescription glasses too! Click here to view our complete list of prescription glasses collection.

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