Clariti 1-Day (30 pcs – daily)

CooperVision Clariti 1-day contact lenses allow up to 3x the oxygen to reach your eye, which makes for a healthier lens-wearing experience and whiter, brighter, and more comfortable eyes.






CooperVision Clariti 1-Day contact lenses offer the convenience of a daily disposable combined with the state of the art technology of silicone hydrogel material. Ideal for sufferers of both short and long-sightedness these uniquely designed lenses offer premium correction for these conditions.

The premium advantages of making use of Clariti dailies include:

  • Dispose of the lenses after wearing
  • No need to clean or store the contacts
  • Allows perfect vision regardless of the quality of interior or exterior light

CooperVision clariti 1-Day features WetLoc™ technology, a process that creates a hydrophilic lens with optimal wettability. WetLoc™ is a non-surface treatment technology that manipulates the structure of hydrophobic silicone molecules, so they become hydrophilic. The technology creates a lens that naturally attracts and binds water molecules, holding them tightly to the lens surface. WetLoc™ also provides continuous wettability throughout the wear time. The result is a lens with a high water content that provides excellent all-day comfort for your patients. People who spend long hours in front of a computer screen will be among those who experience the full benefit of these technologically advanced corrective lenses.

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Clariti 1-Day (30 pcs - daily)


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